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Crown Institute 에서 10월1일 시작되는 인기 코스를 소개 합니다.


개강일: 2007/10/01


-Food & Beverage Service(Certificate 코스)/36주 코스

 Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

 International menu knowledge

 Hot & Cold desserts

 Restaurant Knowledge

 New Zealand and imported wines

 Food service and more


-Hotel Services & Reception Operations(Certificate 코스)/36주 코스

 Marriott Hotel Excellence Training Certificate

 International Reception Services

 Hotel Front Office

 Domestic & International Accommodation

 Fidelio International Hotel Reservation Training

 IATA World Geography


 Barista intro and more


-New Zealand Diploma in Business(Diploma 코스)/48주 코스

 Business Communication

 Computer concepts

 Quantitative business methods

 Economic environment

 Introduction to commercial law

 Marketing principles

 Organisation & Management

 Employment relations

 Human resource management

 Accounting principles

 Accounting practices

 Management accounting

 Business finance


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