Newsletter Contents

1.     Cambridge Course Reminder

2.     New NZQA Refund Policy Announcement

3.     Rugby World Cup in New Zealand

4.     August Nationality Mix & Activities Charts

5.     Why Study at Kaplan??

6.     If you missed it last month, please check out our GREAT NEW KIC Auckland school video

7.     REMINDER – SUMMER is just around the corner down-under, so what better time than now to start talking to your students about spending New Year 2012 in New Zealand!!!


Don’t forget that we have Cambridge courses, both the paper-based and internet based testing options available as follows:

Paper test           September 12th start, 12 weeks                FCE & CAE

Internet tests* September 26th (10 weeks)                         FCE & CAE

October 31st (5 weeks)                                  FCE & CAE

(*minimum 4 candidates required to run the internet based tests)


These courses are full-time dedicated Cambridge preparation classes, with highly experienced teachers and the KIC schools in New Zealand and Australia have been officially recognised as authorised test centres for Cambridge ESOL computer-based tests. 


The Government agency NZQA has recently revised the student visa refund policy  applicable to students studying 13 weeks or longer effective immediately as follows:

For courses of 13 weeks or longer, cancellations or terminations made within the first 10 working 일 of the course will be refunded in full less a deduction for costs of 25% of the fee paid.   After the first 10 일, no refunds will be given.

The previous policy was valid for the first 8 일 with 10% or $500 deductable whichever was lesser.  This new policy has come into effect immediately.  We ask that you advise all students of this  new policy pre-arrival, and we will remind them post-arrival. The website is also being updated but any questions around this change of policy, please let me know.


One month to go and New Zealand will be buzzing with RUGBY, as the World Cup begins.  NOTE CAREFULLY: Accommodation is already at a premium, especially in Auckland where the finals will be held in October.  Whilst we can always guarantee homestay accommodation, many hostels and apartments have already been booked out by the high number of international visitors expected, so please check with us about availability over September & October.  Not to say anything about the local home team, the All Blacks being the favourite to win this competition…., but we are expecting tens of thousands of international visitors from all around the world to enjoy this world-class event,  from Chile, Georgia, Japan, Russia, Argentina, England, Ireland and many more countries.  It isn’t too late to buy tickets, so feel free to pop down to visit us.   All information about the games can be found here: World Cup 2011.



Click on the files below to check out the latest activities – as you can see from the recent survey results, students were particularly happy with the range of options available to them, eg FREE Wii games, Star gazing & at the Dome Observatory, Lord of the Rings Day trip, Learning to play Touch Rugby and much more….!

This month we have TWENTY NINE different nationalities represented in the school!  KIC Auckland really is the place to be to make friends from literally all around the world.


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Here is a summary of some noted statistics from our students after they completed our leaving survey recently: